Why do many suffer from Heart Attack especially when they never had any complaint and their ECG, Echocardiogram and TMT were normal?
You may have 50% block, in which case ECG, Echo and TMT are normal and due to rupture of plaque heart attack can occur.
Why do some people die suddenly due to heart attack?
They may be having predisposition to develop arrythmias (irregular heart beat)
They may have serious block in the most important coronary artery – the Left Main Artery also know as the artery of sudden death.
Why am I taking so many medicines everyday and still not improving - I am not sure if I am a heart patient or not. Is my diagnosis correct?
You may not be having a heart disease – you must confirm your diagnosis and if you do not have any heart problem you do not need the medicines.
How do I know I am not having any heart problem? I have no complaints but my parents had heart problem.
If your CG is normal you are a healthy person – do not worry but keep it up with healthy habits.
Who should have CCG done?
* Screening after 30 years age.
* High risk patients: Family history of Heart disease, Diabetes, High blood pressure,Overweight, increased cholesterol or homocystein, Smokers, Alcoholics, Sedentary and Stressful lifestyle.
* Chest pain: know if it is heart or other disease.
* To determine the extent of heart disease.
* Assess ACT, ECP, Angioplasty, Bypass effectiveness.
* Early detection of Coronary Artery Disease.
* Early detection of left heart failure.
What is the preparation forCCG?
* No tea, Coffee, alcohol, smoking or tobacco use for 12 hours before the test.
* No heart medicines like Sorbitrate, anti- hypertensive drugs etc.(May take medicines for diabetes or in case of emergency).
* Come empty stomach or take a cup of milk with two biscuits or a slice of bread three hours before the test.
* No long walk, excerise or excertion on the day of test.
What is the cost of CCG?
The basic CCG test costs Rs. 5000/- only (USD 125).


Avoid Bypass Surgery
Avoid Bypass Surgery
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No.1 Most  Experienced since 1994
  • I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity and walked with the aid of walking stick and required pain killer drugs almost daily.
    Mrs.Sheela Devi
  • I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity.
    Mrs.Sheela Devi